Artificial Intelligence Use Statement

Sideways Thought, LLC. has published this Artificial Intelligence Use Statement to promote transparency and to enable you, the content consumer, to decide on whether to trust the content we publish. This statement describes how AI technology is used, what we do to use it responsibly, and what you can do if you find an issue with the content.

How We Use AI Technology

  • ChatGPT3 may be used to conduct research on topics, alongside other research methods.
  • Licensed AI article writing services may be used to develop outlines and write the first draft of text for articles.
  • Licensed images generated from Stable Diffusion and DALL-E may be used as featured images for articles.
  • Licensed AI text may be used as starting points for videos and other published media.

How We Use AI Responsibly

  • Factual statements made by AI are checked through real-world research to make a good faith effort to verify accuracy of the statements.
  • Articles and scripts are reviewed and edited for content, clarity, and purpose. While some articles may rely heavily on the original AI draft, others use AI as a starting point, where the result is entirely original or heavily re-written.
  • When AI-generated images are used, the generated image is compared with other images online using an image search. If an image is found to be very similar to an original work, credit is given, or the image is re-created.

Tell Us If You’ve Found a Problem

While a good faith effort is made to ensure accuracy, originality, and legal re-use, mistakes are inevitable. If you believe something is incorrect or is not original work, fill-out the Contact form or contact David Delgado on Twitter to discuss the concern.

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