About Catarino David Delgado, This Website, and Sideways Thought, LLC.

To Start…

It feels weird to write a page about myself. That is in large part because I don’t see myself as a particularly important person. It is unusual that someone like me has a website, let alone go through the effort to turn myself into a “brand”. But I have my reasons…

A Little About Myself

I am an IT Genralist. In IT I am a person people talk to so they can solve problems, get new ideas, and sort through their ideas with a different perspective. In my professional life, I am an Instructional Technologist for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I’ve worked in Instructional Technology since 2001. I’ve worked in web design since 1999. I’ve worked in Information Technology since 1997. I started programming in 1993.

I’ve seen a few things, and I love the field with a never-ending passion.

In my personal life, I am a deep thinker, problem solver, someone who shares, and someone who goes out of his way to think critically about far too much! I am not the smartest, not the most insightful, not the most fun, not the most engaging, but I feel like there are things I can do to give back to society.

About This Website

SidewaysThought, LLC. is the business I’ve started (technically the third to-date, but they were tiny) to focus all my online content creation endeavors into one place. This website, Sideways Thought, exists as the aggregation of my online legacy, and serves as a blogging platform for the random, chaotic bits of information that interest me.

I don’t produce content to become famous. I produce it so that the gigantic pile of random, tangentially related things I know can be shared in a contextualized, meaningful way with the world. Any money I make from my online presence here, on YouTube, on Twitter, Facebook, or through donations are used to re-invest in the business and pay for my efforts. A long-term goal is to use most of the revenue generated to support charitable endeavors.

If You Find Value…

Thank you for your time, and your interactions! The best way to help me is to consume the things I make, and share my content with others who might have interest. What good is knowledge and ideas if it isn’t shared? If you would rather support me with a donation, click the Donate button. And again, thank you!

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